Top Sports Betting Apps in Sweden

April 5, 2018 0

Sweden’s mobile penetration rate is among the highest anywhere in the world, standing at well over 140%. This incredible figure, added to the fact that Swedes love to bet, has got the best sports betting company on the run to provide betting apps that allow players to place bets conveniently. Here are 10 of the most popular sports betting apps in the country. 1. BetVictor BetVictor has some of the best deposit and payment options of any betting site in Sweden. The betting house has a mobile app for both Android and Apple platforms. The app allows players to make Read More

Online Casinos Going Full Mobile

March 10, 2018 0

We’re living in the time and age where various handheld devices like mobile phones and tablets have become an essential part of our everyday lives. With people getting used to having their phones with them at all times, their expectations have grown as well, in terms of what they expect to be able to access and do via mobile. Mobile devices aren’t used just to communicate anymore. People use them to complete their work, access their bank accounts, read news, and, of course, have fun. When it comes to the last aspect, online casinos have been leading the way, recognizing Read More

Top 5 mobile casino apps

April 6, 2017 0

  The advancement of mobile technologies has impacted positively in all spheres of gaming. However, casino gaming is the one area where the changes have been extremely far-reaching. Today you don’t have to head out to your local brick and mortar in order to enjoy a round of roulette-you could simply head online and have at it. With online casino gaming come a diverse set of mobile applications that make your work so much easier. Let us take a look at the top 5 mobile casino apps: 1. LeoVegas The application offers a surreal gaming experience and is composed of Read More

A guide on how to get a celebrity to follow you on Twitter

July 22, 2016 0

At the beginning of 2016, Twitter boasted 310 Million Monthly Active Users(MAU). This is the latest statistic in a string of positive figures for the social networking site over the last 5 years. Predictably, most of the people getting followed over there are celebrities. That having been said, it is always relatively easy to have things working the other way round; ordinary people getting followed by celebrities. If you are looking to throw some shade on others, below is how you can get celebrities to follow you: 1. Follow them It does seem counter-intuitive to follow someone so they can Read More

Top 4 tips on how to get twitter followers without following anyone

July 22, 2016 0

Twitter is a song. Unfortunately, there is a whole bunch of people that do not get to join in. Looking around, you will find that most people follow a lot more people than those following them back. This might look like a trivial ratio but when you come think of it, it’s highly significant. People with plenty of followers that don’t follow back tend to be recognizable to the public as popular and significant. In addition, when you have a large number of followers you don’t follow back, the number of direct messages you can get is low, which helps Read More

Five Wickedly Clever Ways to Use Twitter

July 21, 2016 0

We’re always hearing about what an incredible tool Twitter can be, particularly when dealing with real-time events – before Twitter, there was never such an incredibly effective way to track trends, news and events as they happen. In a world where things happen at a faster and faster pace, tools like Twitter are going to become indispensable as we move forward into the future. Not convinced? Here’s five wickedly clever ways to use Twitter: Real-Time Customer Service. When customers have a problem with the companies they give their business to, they have that problem now. The problem is, the traditional Read More

Why Google Buzz Has Failed Already

February 26, 2010 0

For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with the news, Google’s recently-launched Google Buzz social network is not doing very well – actually, that’s sugarcoating it. Google Buzz is single-handedly the biggest mistake the search engine giant has ever made, and it’s a mistake that’s going to cost them dearly, both in terms of consumer confidence and in terms of actual money. You see, Google Buzz is already complete failure, and was so almost before it even had a chance to get off the ground. I’ll tell you why. First off – nobody’s using it. Yeah. There. I Read More