A guide on how to get a celebrity to follow you on Twitter

At the beginning of 2016, Twitter boasted 310 Million Monthly Active Users(MAU). This is the latest statistic in a string of positive figures for the social networking site over the last 5 years. Predictably, most of the people getting followed over there are celebrities. That having been said, it is always relatively easy to have things working the other way round; ordinary people getting followed by celebrities. If you are looking to throw some shade on others, below is how you can get celebrities to follow you:

1. Follow them

It does seem counter-intuitive to follow someone so they can follow you back but it actually works. By following that celebrity, you are basically giving them the idea that you exist and want to engage. Popular stars like to look and feel famous, and nothing makes them stand out better than leading the pack of the most followed.

2. Look at what they post

Celebrities use Twitter for many purposes. Some are looking for fun and entertainment, others are looking to put their name out there and there is still a bunch of top people that just want to engage and fraternize with regular folk like me and you. Subscribe to the links they share if possible. Look at the pages they follow and follow a bunch of those too. By doing this, you bring yourself closer to the radar of those you want to follow back.

3.Reach out to them

You are basically trying to have your celebrity take notice, and you won’t get it done if you can’t show up on their feed once in a while. If they tweet something interesting, retweet it to your own group of followers. If the personality does something charitable or touching, please tweet out a congratulatory message.

4. Structure your tweets appropriately

There are hundreds of thousands, probably millions, of followers trying to gain attention from the same person you are targeting, so upping the ante might not be such a bad idea. You want to stand out, and nothing makes you stick out better than using your wit. When Tweeting to or about your favorite star, try to go with short phrases that showcase humor, intelligence and wit. Try to ask short questions and avoid anything over 140 characters as the site does not allow anything above that. Be wary of loaded questions as the will simply wind up the person and lower your chances of getting to engage with your target.

5.Always promptly reply to messages

If your target takes the bait, chances are that they will hit you up directly. When this happens, reply immediately. Do not ask too many questions and avoid sounding over-excited. See, these people get that every day but most just want to be treated like the rest of us. Engage with the celebrity and ask leading questions. If the chat is going well, you could slip in a plea for them to follow you on the site if they haven’t already.

Twitter is fun. It is even better when you dare your friends to get a celebrity follower and wind up being the first to get it done.