Top 4 tips on how to get twitter followers without following anyone

Twitter is a song. Unfortunately, there is a whole bunch of people that do not get to join in. Looking around, you will find that most people follow a lot more people than those following them back. This might look like a trivial ratio but when you come think of it, it’s highly significant. People with plenty of followers that don’t follow back tend to be recognizable to the public as popular and significant. In addition, when you have a large number of followers you don’t follow back, the number of direct messages you can get is low, which helps take care of the spam.

Below are actionable steps towards getting you followers you don’t need to follow back.

1. Keep your profile details succinct

A lot of people are very vague in the way the go about the whole Twitter thing. For example, due to paranoia or simple ignorance, there are those that choose not to share their locations. You are looking for a specific audience to follow you, so make it clear in the profile. It is your only chance to touch base with the demographic you are looking to tap into. The great thing about this audience is that they don’t care about being followed and just want to have you on their feed.

2. Build a personality

A lot of Twitter users are pretty demanding of the people they follow. They want to know precisely what online persona you project and see if it is worth their while. Your personality needs to resonate with what people are looking for. For instance, a lot of people will follow you without asking to return the favor if they perceive you as funny, witty, willing to engage and warm. You can achieve this by simply sharing witty memes, graphics and short clips that show your sense of humor. Won’t we all do anything for those that make us laugh?

3. Cross-promote your accounts

Twitter is okay, and you might at times want to redirect your traffic from places such as Facebook. The latter has been here a lot longer, so chances are that the ‘Likes’ you have on Facebook have not made their way home to Twitter. Share your Facebook feed on Twitter and you might just have a ton of traffic headed your way. This is however not restricted to Facebook-integrate 3 or four of your popular online stops and let those who keep track follow you.

4. Make use of a dedicated service

If you are looking to get this done quickly, then you might as well look for professional help. There are companies out there that will basically favorite tweets on your behalf and give your account the opportunity to grab the flow of users who do not have to be followed back. Some of the more popular providers include Target Grow and Growth Champ.


The song is even better when you do not have to follow a bunch of accounts back, and all you have to do to keep your follower to flowing ratio high is to stay consistent and warm in whatever you do.